Stopping in the Tar Heel State: Raleigh and Greenville

In North Carolina, a million people are at risk of losing their health insurance if Congress repeals the Affordable Care Act—and that is exactly what is empowering folks across the state to stand up and fight back.

On Wednesday, we stopped at the State Capitol in Raleigh.

In Raleigh, we heard from North Carolinians who will be hurt if Congress repeals the Affordable Care Act. One of the people we met was Mike.

“In 2005, I was diagnosed with Type Two Diabetes. I am insulin dependent.

In early 2012, I lost my job after working steadily for 25 years in finance. My medical insurance has always been high quality and affordable through my employers. I remained on insurance, paying the full premium through May 2013. That plan only allowed me to see my doctor four times a year, so if I got sick in the middle of the year, I will have to wait until my next scheduled appointment to see my doctor because I couldn’t afford to see a doctor outside of those appointments.

In 2014, I enrolled in the marketplace and received health care through the Affordable Care Act. My plan had no limitations and covered my recommended procedures. It made it much easier for me to control my Diabetes.

My concern now is, if I don’t get a job, I may lose my insurance. I’m going to go back to the plan that just doesn’t cover the medicine or procedures that I need—and that is really terrifying for me. I owe everything to the Affordable Care Act. My life is so much better.

I want Congress to listen to their constituents. We pay taxes, we live in Raleigh, and there is no reason why we shouldn’t guarantee affordable healthcare for all citizens.”

Watch our entire event in Raleigh here.

On Thursday, we hit the road again, traveling east to Greenville, North Carolina. In Greenville, we heard from civil rights leaders, faith leaders, and community members who are working hard every day to save their health care.

Hear what folks in Greenville are doing to stand up for the Affordable Care Act here.