Stopping in the Tar Heel State: Greensboro

The Save My Care Bus, the Save My Care Bus celebrated International Women’s Day by standing with North Carolinians to ensure that we don’t go back to the days when women were considered pre-existing conditions.

We made our first stop on Wednesday in Greensboro, where we were joined by a sea of supporters, proudly wearing red.

In Greensboro, we met John, a lifelong Greensboro resident, who spoke about why he’s fighting to save the Affordable Care Act for North Carolinians.

“I’m turning 60 this summer. I’ve been married for 37 years and I have three grandkids. I’m pro-life, I’m an Evangelical Christian, and for 28 years I’ve voted Republican.

In 2013, I lost my job—and with it, I also lost my health insurance. In the past, we would have just taken the risk and gone without health care—praying to God no one in our family would get sick or be rushed to the emergency room—because if we did, we knew our goose would be cooked. Thankfully, the Affordable Care Act went into effect and I purchased insurance through the marketplace. The subsidy helped my family afford our premium—and it was our lifeline during my year out of work.

I was unemployed for a year, and during that time, I was diagnosed with cancer. The Affordable Care Act saved my life.

I’m not a deadbeat or a freeloader. For 40 years, I’ve paid my taxes, I’ve worked to support my family, I’ve given to my church, and I’ve contributed to my community. But in my hour of need—when my back was against the wall in the richest country in the history of the universe—Congress was voting to repeal legislation that saved my life.

Without the ACA, I would have been uninsurable for the rest of my days. No diagnostic tests, no surgery, no rehab, and most importantly—no hope.”

Catch all of our amazing speakers from our Greensboro event by watching our livestream here.