Stopping in Carson City and Reno, Nevada

The Save My Care Bus ended the week by making two stops on Friday in Carson City and Reno.

In Carson City, we met Ruth, who shared her concerns about the Affordable Care Act being repealed.

“I am the mother of a transgender daughter. We are currently in the transition period and my 14-year-old wants to start hormone therapy. Right now, my husband’s health insurance cannot deny us, but when he retires and we go shopping for insurance, we could be denied if the Affordable Care Act is repealed.

It upsets me because my child is of age to have that choice. I have raised my child to be a law-abiding citizen, a beautiful spirit—a beautiful person. She deserves to be who she is, and have health coverage.”

Afterwards, we headed to Reno. Despite the weather, advocates came out to say #SaveMyCare.

In Reno, we heard from two mothers with children with pre-existing conditions. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, their kids can no longer be discriminated against.

Watch our entire event in Carson City here. Then, tune in to see what happened in Reno here.