You Can’t Roll the Dice When it Comes to Health Care

Nevadans know you can’t just roll the dice when it comes to health care—that’s why they joined us at Freedom Park in Las Vegas on Thursday afternoon.

At the event, we were joined by Congresswoman Dina Titus and advocates from around the city.

Cherlina also joined us, sharing how her daughter would have been impacted by the Affordable Care Act if it were implemented sooner.

“Before the Affordable Care Act was passed, my daughter was kicked off of my husband’s health insurance when she turned 23 years old. She was still in college.

While we searched for an insurance policy for her, she got very sick. We took her to the emergency room and three weeks later we received a hospital bill for $7,000. She had to worry about paying her medical bills and her student loans—and that’s not something you want for your child.

I’m so grateful that the Affordable Care Act is in place. Now, parents with children under the age of 26 don’t have to worry about their kids getting kicked off of their health insurance policy. The Affordable Care Act is something we need for our community, it’s great for our economy, and most of all, it gives us peace of mind.”

Tune in to watch the entire event in Las Vegas here.