What “Repeal and Delay” Really Means

The fight to protect our health care took another stunning turn last night when Senators Jerry Moran and Mike Lee announced their opposition to moving forward with the Senate health care bill.

Senator McConnell again fell short of gaining the support necessary for a vote on the bill, but quickly announced something even worse than the BCRA: The Senate would go back to considering a repeal of the Affordable Care Act – without replacement.

Make no mistake: A repeal is dangerous. No matter how Senate Republicans spin this, it will have serious consequences for millions of Americans.

Back in January, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released their findings on the 2015 GOP plan to repeal the ACA—and the numbers are shocking.

In case you missed them last time around, here’s a refresher on what ACA repeal could mean for Americans across the country:

This cannot stand. We must continue to call our Senators and demand they vote “no” on any replacement bill: