Alyce lives with her son Sam in Maine. In his first month of life, Sam’s medical bills topped $100,000.

Save My Care is a grassroots community of Americans from all 50 states who have come together as a movement to oppose the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, and push for positive solutions to our health care challenges.

Formed in December of 2016, Save My Care engages in outreach, public education, and civic engagement to protect our health care. We host local events and town halls to raise public awareness, and inform the public through advertising and social media.

Today, 23 million Americans are at risk of losing their health insurance because Congress is rushing to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Those at risk of losing coverage are the people who need it most – 82 percent come from working families, and 4 million additional children would be left uninsured. Millions will see their health insurance costs increase by as much as 20% in the next few years if repeal is successful. Millions more will suffer because it ends protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

Our health care system faces real challenges, and must be improved. But Congress is meeting to decide the fate of health care behind closed doors, in secret, with no input from experts or their constituents. It’s wrong, and it’s irresponsible. We must work together to make health care better and more affordable for all.

Save my Care can be contacted at hello@savemycare.org.