Pressure to Save Our Health Care Mounts at Town Halls During Recess

Across the country this week, momentum is building to save our health care. We’re seeing a surge of support as constituents make their voices heard at town halls and other events hosted by their members of Congress.

Thank you to all the passionate advocates who are lining the halls, filling the rooms, and spilling over on sidewalks to deliver urgent messages to their U.S. senators and representatives who are home for their recess week. Find out if your representatives are hosting an event near you.

Here’s a peek at just some of the action:

  • People rallied outside Senator Rob Portman’s office in Columbus, Ohio to urge him to protect Medicare. 964,000 Ohioans could lose their health care if Congress repeals the ACA.


  • An Iowan challenged Senator Joni Ernst on her plan to repeal health care that so many families depend on, asking “Why not fix rather than replace?”


  • U.S. Representative Tom Reed faced a passionate crowd when he confirmed he would repeal our current health care to his constituents in New York.