The Drive for Our Lives bus started the week in Louisville, Kentucky, hosting an event on the city’s beautiful waterfront.

Monday was Solar Eclipse day, but that didn’t stop Kentuckians like Betsy from coming out to share their stories about how the Affordable Care Act has impacted their families.

“I have spent 34 years in the insurance industry. I’ve had a wonderful career and I know exactly how the industry works. I left the industry several years ago because I had a son who had been without health insurance for seven years due to his pre-existing condition.

Glenn was born with a very rare heart defect. My dream of becoming a psychologist changed at that moment because we were now dealing with a pre-existing condition and that meant that I had to grow where I was planted—and I did that.

As he was growing up, I had to worry about what would happen if I lost my job. Then, I had to worry about what would happen when he aged out of my policy, which at 21 he did. The Affordable Care Act was not even a thought at that point. When he lost his coverage, we were in big trouble.

For seven years, my son, who tried his dream at becoming a writer, was very successful, but he did not have health insurance. The stress of not having health insurance can change your life any time there is any major medical incident. We’re very fortunate that he had no critical medical concerns during that period of time.

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, my son is now covered—and for the first time since I have had children, my shoulders do not hurt. I didn’t wake up every morning worried that something was going to happen to him. I had time to focus on my dream—opening my own business right here in Kentucky—and I did that.

Now, we’re right back where we started. I’m having to think about whether I will need to go back to work at a company so that I can get coverage if the Republicans repeal the Affordable Care Act. We need to keep the Affordable Care Act—make it better.”

Watch our entire Louisville event here—then find a Drive for Our Lives tour event near you today here.