Meet Paula and Dennis

Meet Paula and Dennis. Like 30 million other Americans, their lives depend on our current health care system—the one Congress is currently trying to rip apart. 

Dennis from Tennessee is a Republican who voted for Donald Trump. But he supports the Affordable Care Act because it saved his life. Dennis was diagnosed with esophageal cancer, and like many other hardworking people, he relied on his coverage for access to the treatment he needed to pull through. Now he’s worried about losing that coverage.

Paula from Ohio is battling stage 4 breast cancer. The Affordable Care Act provides her with access to life-saving treatment, which gives her more time to spend with her beloved grandchildren.

Congress has been moving quickly to repeal the health care that Paula and Dennis rely on. And they are far from the only people at risk in this fight—the list of consequences for Americans is staggering:

  • 82% of the people who could lose coverage are from working families
  • 52 million Americans with pre-existing conditions could be denied health insurance
  • Nearly 13 million Americans would lose Medicaid or Children’s Health Insurance Program coverage
  • The number of overall uninsured Americans could double

Meanwhile, Congress has only put forward half-baked replacement plans— none of which have the same level of protections for Americans. All week, constituents have been speaking out to save our care at town hall events during Congressional recess, because this is an issue that millions of us simply cannot afford to stay silent on.

The fight won’t stop—we will keep up the momentum for as long as it takes to make sure Congress hears our urgent message. Here’s how you can support Paula and Dennis—and yourself, your family, and 30 million others at risk: 

  1. Visit a town hall event so you can tell your Congress members in person to save our health care.
  2. Call Congress to urge them to save our health care.
  3. Sign up to join our movement and stay up to date on more action opportunities.