Florida’s Capitol Unites for Health Care

Today at the Florida State Capitol in Tallahassee, the Save My Care bus stopped  for another rally while Congress is on recess. Surrounded by health care advocates and impacted families, Floridians made their voices heard, calling on their members of Congress to save the Affordable Care Act.

At the rally we heard from Haley and Erin, two residents of Tallahassee who have both benefited greatly from the ACA.

Rich Templin, the Legislative and Political Director of the Florida AFL-CIO joined us as well and reminded us of the importance of ensuring that all Americans have access to health care:

“We want health care for all Americans. And that’s what the ACA is getting us towards…We need to fight to make sure the ACA works like it was supposed to because health care is a god given right.” -Rich Templin


Check out the Tallahassee event here.

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