Leslie Farrell has faced discrimination in the past for her "pre-existing condition."

Leslie has faced discrimination in the past for her “pre-existing condition.”

“I was a victim of domestic violence in 2002. I sustained a traumatic brain injury and needed facial reconstruction requiring 7 plates, 29 screws and a prosthetic eye socket to rebuild my face. I was then considered “uninsurable” by all insurance companies and could not obtain a medical policy. I could not get a job with any company that offered health insurance as I would immediately raise their insurance costs.

“I finally applied for and was granted Medicare through SSDI in 2005, but before then I had no medical coverage whatsoever. I would like to try to go back to work and get off of SSDI, but if the Affordable Healthcare Act is repealed, I will not be able to get coverage due to my ‘pre-existing condition’ and I will not be able to find employment because the employer will look at the costs before considering my worth as an employee.


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