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Save My Care Announces ENOUGH IS ENOUGH Ad Campaign to Stop the War on Americans’ Health Care

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Advocates to Host ENOUGH IS ENOUGH Kickoff Events During This Week’s Congressional Recess

Washington, D.C. – Save My Care today launched the “Enough is Enough” ad campaign with a six-figure national TV and digital ad buy. The campaign encourages Americans to call on Congress to end the partisan war on health care.

“Americans are fed up with the anxiety and premium increases that are the result of repeated partisan efforts to repeal and sabotage their health care. It’s time Congress recognizes that enough is enough and stands up against the partisan war on our care,” said Save My Care Campaign Chairman Leslie Dach.

“Unfortunately, President Trump continues to call for the cruel Graham-Cassidy bill and pursue a relentless sabotage agenda. All we need to stop repeal are the strong voices of two Republican Senators who will stand up, speak out, and demand that any future health care legislation is the product of a bipartisan effort.”

The ad will air in states represented by key lawmakers, including Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Maine, Nevada, Ohio, and Tennessee. The powerful TV Spot includes real news clips summarizing the Trump-era war on health care, taps into the this war’s emotional toll on the American people, and closes with a call to action.


The “Enough is Enough” ad effort is part of a multi-pronged national and local campaign to end the partisan war on health care, and make it clear that protecting Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act are now potent and positive issues in American politics. This week, while Congress is in recess, health care advocates will hold ten Enough is Enough events across seven states: Alaska, Maine, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Ohio, and West Virginia. These events will run in coordination with a robust social media and direct advocacy campaign.

The ACA and Medicaid are supported by the majority of Americans, who overwhelmingly reject the efforts by the Administration and Republican leaders in both Congress and state capitals to repeal and sabotage our health care. Americans recongize that President Trump and the Republican Party are at fault for climbing premiums and cutback to care for the disabled, women, and those with pre-existing conditions.

From the polls that show health care is the number one issue for midterm voters, to the momentum in favor of Medicaid expansion in states like Maine and Virginia, to the success of candidates in race after race who are speaking out to defend the ACA, Medicaid, and CHIP, the message being sent by the American public is clear: “Enough is enough. Stop the partisan war on health care.”


Ad Script


Republicans in Congress are moving to repeal Obamacare.

Insurers would be allowed to charge older customers five times more than younger ones.

People out there with pre-existing conditions, they are worried.

The average premium would increase by 20%.

They tried and failed month after month after month.

The President is sabotaging the sytem

2018 will be another year of uncertainty on health care.


Enough is enough. Tell Congress to stop the partisan war on health care: 202-224-3121.