Buckeyes Coming Together to #SaveMyCare

The Save My Care bus made two stops in Ohio today, Monday, January 30th.

First stop? Dayton.

In Dayton, we met Lynn. Lynn’s sister was on Medicare and she shared her story about how the Affordable Care Act helped her in her final years of life.

“My older sister was a very hard worker — she was a teacher for many years and then worked as a county traffic safety director. She relied on Medicare for health coverage.

Before retiring, she had heart bypass surgery and suffered from diabetes. Sadly, a year and a half ago, we lost her to a heart attack.

In the last few years of her life, while on Medicare, she struggled with the high cost of her prescriptions—especially Insulin. Before the Affordable Care Act was passed, her out of pocket prescription expenses were over $4,000 dollars.

One of the many provisions of the Affordable Care Act closes the donut hole gradually over ten years. In 2010, after the law was signed, my sister received a rebate. She said that was a step forward.”

Lynn is just one example of the people we met in Dayton. Watch the entire event here.

From there, we headed to the State House building in Columbus to hear from State Representative David Leland, health advocates, and a few of the 964,000 Ohioans who have health care through the Affordable Care Act.

In Columbus, we learned that the Affordable Care Act has not only provided Ohioans health care, but stimulated their economy as well.

Take a look at our Columbus event here. Then, find out when we’ll be in a city near you.