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Trump Threatens Women’s Health

By Oct 6, 2017 No Comments

In a devastating blow to women’s health, the Trump administration just issued a new rule rolling back the birth control mandate effective immediately.

This decision will impact more than 55 million women who currently have access to birth control without co-payments under the Affordable Care Act. Hundreds of thousands are now at risk of losing their contraception coverage.

Birth control is used for much more than contraception. It’s used to treat a series of other medical conditions including migraines, skin conditions and endometriosis. It also can help lower a woman’s cancer risk.

Yet again, Trump is playing politics with women’s health. Under the new rules, employers and insurers can deny coverage by citing “religious beliefs” or “moral convictions.” This gray area would permit any private employer to refuse birth control coverage.

This utter disregard for women’s health is also going to be costly. According to the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, for every dollar spent on birth control, $7 is spent on health care associated with unplanned pregnancies.

We can’t let the Trump administration threaten women’s health like this. Share this post to tell them we won’t stand for this.