Standing Up for What is Right in Pueblo

On Monday morning, the Save My Care bus headed to Pueblo, Colorado to hear from medical professionals about how the Affordable Care Act helps their patients.

Kyle is a nurse in Pueblo—and the health care law doesn’t only impact his work life. Every day, Kyle sees the impact of the Affordable Care Act when he looks at his wife, Kelsey.

“At 19, my wife was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. In essence, she experiences daily pain in all of her joints. Some days, she can’t walk because her joints are too weak. On top of this, taking her pregnancy to term could be life-threatening to her.

Thankfully, Kelsey can stay on her parents’ insurance policy so that she can get the preventative care she needs affordably. The Affordable Care Act allows my wife to receive the lifesaving medical procedures that she needs.”

How does the Affordable Care Act help you and your family? Share your story with us here.