Sending Vice President Pence a Message in Kentucky

While Vice President Pence touted Congress’s plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act in Louisville, Kentucky on Saturday, the Save My Care Bus was right along side him with supporters sharing how the ACA has benefitted them.

Lining the streets as the Vice President’s motorcade drove by, hundreds of Affordable Care Act advocates had one message: #SaveMyCare.

During the Vice President’s speech down the street, we held our own rally, hearing stories from folks from across the state about how the Affordable Care Act has helped their families. Watch what they said here.

In Kentucky, the stakes are high. If the Affordable Care Act is repealed, 486,000 Kentuckians will lose their health care. But they’re not backing down from the fight—they’re coming out in droves to tell Congress to protect their care.

And when Vice President Pence headed back to DC—he left with a very clear message from folks in the Bluegrass State. See for yourself here: