#SaveMyCare in Phoenix and Tucson

On Tuesday morning, we kicked off the day in Phoenix, Arizona, where we were joined by doctors, organizers, advocates and folks who shared how the Affordable Care Act has impacted their lives.

One of the people we met was Vanessa, a cancer survivor. She shared how the Affordable Care Act has helped her family in more ways than one.

“I am a 12-year ovarian cancer survivor. I am healthy, I am a wife, and I am a mother of two children. I am here because my family benefits from the Affordable Care Act.

My family was on private insurance for about ten years, but in December we were given the opportunity to start our own small business. We knew that going into this business we would be losing our health insurance, but because of the Affordable Care Act we made the leap.

I know the importance of going to your doctor’s appointments, I know the importance of preventative care, and I know the importance of saving money by being able to catch cancer early on—detecting any signs of it. The Affordable Care Act gives me and millions of other families access to that.

My story is one of millions out there— and we wouldn’t be able to share had we not had the Affordable Care Act afforded to us.”

Hear more from our speakers in Phoenix here.

From Phoenix, we headed south to Tucson, meeting supporters outside of Representative Martha McSally’s office to demand she protect her constituents’ health care.

In Tucson, we heard from folks who directly benefit from the Affordable Care Act. They shared their stories with the crowd and inspired many to get involved and contact their representatives.

Watch what happened in Tucson here.