We closed out the week in the Hawkeye State, joining Iowans in Cedar Rapids to hear exactly why they’re joining the fight to #ProtectOurCare.

In Iowa—and across the country—the Affordable Care Act has given entrepreneurs the opportunity to start their own small business. In Cedar Rapids, we heard from Diane, the owner of Karma Coffee Cafe. Because of the Affordable Care Act, her employees can now be covered.

“As a small business owner, the Affordable Care Act allows individuals, including people who work for small businesses, avenues to get health insurance. It allowed me as an entrepreneur to take the risk of starting a business because there are now ways for my employees to be insured. With Congress and the President in turmoil over the future of the Affordable Care Act, and President Trump threatening to cut off payments to insurance companies that offer subsidies, people cannot plan for the future.

As an individual, a family member, a business owner, I plan for the future and I expect the government to do the same. Democrats and Republicans in Congress and the President need to work together to strengthen our health care, the ACA, and make health care affordable for all.”

In Cedar Rapids, we also heard from State Senator Rob Hogg, who explained how the Affordable Care Act has benefited Iowans across the state and called on the state’s federal leaders to take action against bills to repeal the ACA.

Watch our entire event in Cedar Rapids here—then, find out when we’re hosting a Drive for Our Lives event in a city near you here.