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This is not a drill. We need your help.

By Dec 1, 2017 No Comments

Republicans are voting on the GOP tax plan TODAY. They are ramming through legislation that will leave 13 million Americans without coverage.

Your calls worked before and now we need your help again.

Call your Senator TODAY and tell them to vote NO on this tax plan: 202-838-5566.

This GOP tax plan puts our health care at risk:

  • 13 million Americans will lose health care coverage
  • Premiums will increase by nearly $2k for families
  • Medicare will be slashed by $25 BILLION

It doesn’t end there. The GOP tax plan eliminates the medical expense deduction, which would raise health care costs for middle-class seniors and parents of children with disabilities.

In short, Republicans want to give the wealthiest among us a tax break while health care costs for the most vulnerable middle class Americans soar.

This bill is one of the most unpopular pieces of legislation to come through Congress in three decades. Only about 30% of Americans support the tax plan, yet Republican Senators are doing everything they can to force it into law.

There is still time to stop this bill from making it to President Trump’s desk. Call your Senator TODAY before it’s too late. Tell them to oppose this GOP tax plan, which would gut our health care: 202-838-5566.