Holding Senator Jeff Flake Accountable in Phoenix

The Drive for Our Lives bus rolled into Phoenix on Thursday night with our special guest, Topher Spiro, the Center for American Progress’s Vice President for Health Policy.

Before our event on Friday morning, we stopped by the airport to greet Senator Jeff Flake home from Washington with a group of his constituents.

On Friday morning, we gathered at Ability 360 Center in Phoenix and heard from everyday Arizonans who are worried about what will happen if the Affordable Care Act is repealed.

At the event, we heard from Erika, who relies on Medicaid to get the care she needs. Watch what she had to say:

After the event, Topher took over the Save My Care Twitter handle and answered all of your questions about what’s next for the health care fight.

Check out Save My Care’s Twitter account for a recap on Topher’s Twitter Q&A — then watch our event in Phoenix here.