The Drive for Our Lives Bus Tour Launch in Los Angeles, California

Save My Care is back on the road!

On Saturday, July 29, we kicked off the Drive for Our Lives bus tour in Los Angeles with a rally. More than a hundred Angelenos showed up to send Republicans a message: We won’t wait around for you to make your next move to strip away our health care.

At the event, we heard exactly why Californians are persevering and continuing to fight back against the Republicans’ health care proposals. We were even joined by California’s newest congressman, Jimmy Gomez.

Congressman Gomez has made improving and expanding health insurance one of his main goals in Washington. He knows first-hand that health care should be a right—not a privilege.

“I grew up without health insurance, and it really was the one thing that made me start questioning everything.

Growing up, my parents worked four or five jobs to make ends meet—and they didn’t have health insurance. My parents would always have to worry when one of us became sick—do we take them to the hospital, or do we wait to see if they get better? No parent should be forced to make that decision, to wait to see if their child is actually going to survive the night, or if they are going to get worse. That’s not anything a parent should do.”

Watch the entire rally here — then RSVP to a Drive for Our Lives event near you.