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We’re on the brink of health care repeal

By Sep 18, 2017 No Comments

Last week, Senate Republicans unveiled the Graham/Cassidy health care repeal bill. The truth is this is their last ditch bill in a series of secretive, partisan attempts to take health care away from millions of Americans.

But the bill is gaining momentum, and needs to be stopped.

Like its predecessors, this bill would have serious consequences. Here’s what it would do:

  • The bill completely eliminates Medicaid expansion, which has extended coverage to 11 million low-income adults.
  • The bill also cuts $175 BILLION from Medicaid, ending the program as we know it.
  • The bill completely eliminates the payments that currently help almost 9 million people afford coverage, AND zeros-out assistance to moderate-income working people buying individual market coverage.
  • The bill waives the ACA’s prohibition on charging people with preexisting conditions higher premiums, and lets states waive essential health benefits like mental health care, and maternity care.

The bill is a disaster, and if it passes, millions will lose coverage while premiums and costs skyrocket. It is just as cruel as the repeal and replace efforts we defeated over the summer.

When this began, experts thought it wasn’t possible to stop the repeal effort. But the public response was so deafening that Congress could not ignore it. We know our calls and our visits can change the tide, so once again, we must stop it.

We need to mobilize quickly to quell the momentum on this bill. Call your Senator and tell them to oppose Graham/Cassidy: