The fight to protect every American’s access to health care has never been more critical in every state, city, and town in America. So, we’re hitting the road, launching a two month long cross-country bus tour, in communities across the nation, to tell the stories of the 24 million Americans whose health care will be ripped away if Congress continues with its plan to give more power to big insurance companies and undermine quality of care.

The bus tour will shine a spotlight on the stakes and provide community leaders with a platform to tell their stories. We’re also tapping into the experience of partner organizations working in communities across the nation. We are excited to partner with a nationwide coalition of patients, doctors, families and many others working to protect Americans’ access to quality, affordable health care.

Why hit the road?

We’re traveling the country to lift up the stories and testimonies from those most affected by the threats to health care: people who will be denied insurance because of preexisting conditions like asthma, along with providers, doctors, nurses, seniors, local elected officials and other champions for health care. Our goal is to show the human faces of Congress’ irresponsible plan to undermine the health care of millions of Americans.

Where is the bus going?

The tour will travel from coast to coast, stopping in cities and towns to tell the stories of the millions of Americans who will be hurt by Congress’ haphazard plan to repeal health care reform— and highlight the critical need to protect access to quality, affordable health care.

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Interested in helping?

We’re always looking for partners in the fight to protect health care. Feel free to reach out to us at


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National press release launching bus tour.